Seniors: We need your pictures! - Slideshow Information

**All sections are still accepting submissions even though deadline has passed.

Seniors and graduates:

Every year, we create a graduation slide show that plays at graduation. It is a compilation of photos submitted by you and your parents from baby years all the way through 12th grade.

This year is no different - we want to celebrate you and your journey to this point. So we need your help by sending in photos! This year, the slideshow may be shown in different ways...perhaps linked on the high school and county website and other ways for you and others to access and watch.

But the first step....send in photos!

You can send in for every level or just one or two - it's up to you.

**Please READ (not skim) the below information carefully to know deadlines for photo submissions and details on how and where to send them. If you have questions, please email me or Ms. Roberts. We are happy to help!

Important Information:

  • All photos must be digital
  • An easy and efficient way to digitize a photo: take a picture of it with your phone!
  • Each file needs to be a single photo (don't scan multiple photos at the same time)
  • DO NOT email files directly to me
  • There is a limit to the number of photos you can submit for each age level - please make a note of those limits as they are different for each section. Please do not exceed the limit as there are valid reasons for them.
  • Photos can be of just you, or you with family, or you with friends. It's your personal preference.
  • We already have senior formal pictures and cap/gown photos - please do not submit those.

Remember: the slideshow will be online for anyone to view. Keep that in mind when choosing which photos to submit.

Baby Years (age 0-5)

Early School Years (grades k-5)

Middle School Years:

High School Years:

  • Photo Limit: up to 3 photos
  • Deadline for photos of this section: May 22
  • Do not upload formal senior photos - we will add those
  • Upload photo here or type in this address:

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